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So I’m still here.  Haven’t been going much of anywhere since I don’t have the truck often, but have been reading and knitting a lot. Then my computer broke and I had to send it back to Toshiba.  Using G’s is okay, but I like mine better.  It’s a larger screen and my keyboard is a little different.  Hopefully I’ll have mine back soon. 

I’ve been working on my socks, they’re coming along slowly.  The yarn is somewhat thin and the double point needles are awkward. They look pretty good, and I’m happy with the heel-it came out well.  It’s a slip stitch heel, which is thicker than a stockinette stitch heel.  Since I wear boots most of the time, I tend to wear the heels out first, so I like that a lot.  I also like how the wool/cotton blend feels, hopefully it will wear well.



I also picked up a couple of balls of yarn on sale at Webs and made a hat for The Ships Project.  It’s a project I’ve been involved in for a while, but haven’t really been active the last year or so.    Our service people do so much, it’s just a little thing to let them know we appreciate them.  Please consider making a few items to send.  There are so many things anyone can do, whether you sew, knit, crochet or just want to help.

The heavier yarn and straight needles give my hands a break from the cramping.  Maybe if I learned to knit properly I wouldn’t have that problem (I learned to knit from a magazine when I was 10).  Oh well, the end result is fine!  And someone will be a little warmer, so that’s a good thing. Here it is flat

hathat1hat2Modeled by Yamilette, who works at the front desk and is a sweetheart.  That’s not a bump in the back of the hat, she’s got her hair up!  You can find the pattern at Lee Meredith’s blog, Leethal.net. Under patterns, look for the Short Rows Wavey Hat.  I’m working on another one, but have to get another ball of yarn to finish it.  I really like the way the yarn stripes and the stitches zig and zag with a band above the garter stitch.  And it’s done on two needles, then the seam is closed.  I used a three needle bind off because I don’t have a yarn needle with me.  I have since bought a couple, so the next one will be grafted and won’t have a seam.

Something I realized when knitting the hat it that I didn’t have any of my knitting stuff with me, and I needed a stitch marker.  Sure, I managed with a scrap of yarn tied into a loop, but what fun is that?  I also found myself using a notepad to keep track of rows and repeats.  So I did a little research on the net and found some great ideas.  I made a row counter bracelet and a few stitch markers.  I think they’re pretty neat, although not too professional looking.  But better than a piece of Red Heart yarn tied in a circle!!


I really like the bracelet-it makes my knitting life much easier, and I don’t need to carry a notepad around.  As shown, there have been 35 rows completed.  It works like an abacus-the small beads are 1 row and the large beads are 10.  You slide a small bead through the silver loop with the teardrop bead as a row is done. When you get to the end (100) you bring them all the way back to the heart charm, slide one large bead through and start again.  I guess you have to remember the hundreds or use a marker or something.  My stuff doesn’t get to that many rows because I am too impatient and want small projects.  The whole shebang cost me a whopping $5 and I’ve got enough stuff left over to make more.  Plus, it gave me something new to try.

Well, that’s about everything I’ve been working on, but have plans for next week-Renee is sending my sewing machine and some stuff I had already cut out before I left, as well as some fabric I prewashed.  Since now it looks like we will be here through October, I decided it was worth shipping it.  I like knitting, and I like reading, but I really miss sewing.  So hopefully next week I’ll be able to get back to it.


Here’s what I bought from Webs the other day.


It’s 50% Merino wool (not superwash) and 50% cotton by Rowan.  It knits up well, although I tend to split the yarn on purl stitches a bit.  I swatched it and let it rest then found out it wasn’t the right gauge.  So I need to get a size larger needles to make the gauge right.  I don’t know when I’ll get to that since I don’t have the truck often.  But it is nice to be hand knitting again.

Sock Pattern

The pattern is one I found in the store.  I’m doing the two color version.  You can see it has sizes from kids to adult in fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns, so it will be handy to have.  Maybe I’ll actually use up some of the yarn I have at home…..

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