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Fun Repurposing Project

Posted on: September 1, 2011

Recently I worked on a very fun project. A firefighter brought over a couple of sets of firefighter jackets and pants that were no longer serviceable. He wanted a BBQ apron and laptop bag out of them. Talk about re-using and re-purposing! It was been a chore to rip them apart-that stuff is tough and I dulled about 4 razor blades taking them apart. Then there’s the hardware-it took a pair of side cutters and a hammer to get it off so I could re-use it. I forgot to take pictures of the jackets and pants before and after, but Jeremy was kind enough to take a couple of the finished projects and send them to me.

The slider from the pants was used on the neck strap and there are side panels added with the waist ties. The pockets were already on the jacket so I left them in place. I didn’t line it (although we discussed it) due to the weight of the fabric and the fact we live in Florida. BBQ is obviously an outdoor activity and it would just be too hot to wear.

FF apron by shastababyjax

We left the upper pocket intact, it’s the perfect place for an instant read thermometer. It’s hard to see, but the lower pockets are full pockets and flat pockets as well. There is an opening behind them so it’s like a double pocket. You can see that a little bit on the pocket on the right in the picture. The outer pockets have holes in the bottom for water to drain out, can you see them? Look for the grommets, they’re on either side of the pleat.

The laptop bag came out very well-he loved it! I used the suspenders for the shoulder strap, some of the pockets off the jacket for power cord, mouse, etc. and the jacket lining for padding. Inside is padded with the liner from the pants. It is very well padded, we made it to fit a 15-inch laptop.

FF laptop by shastababyjax

The closure is off the front of the jacket. As I mentioned, it was a bear to remove, but easy to re-apply. I did have to go to the leather store to buy rivets strong enough to hold it! The shadowed areas at the top of the bag aren’t shadows at all-it’s stained from the soot. These were actually worn by the firefighters until they became unserviceable. Once they were inspected and officially retired from service, we were able to re-purpose them (with permission). There are other projects we talked about doing, I can’t wait.

This was probably one of the most fun projects I have done in a while. Maybe that’s why I didn’t take pictures-I was having too much fun trying to figure out how to best utilize the jackets and pants!


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