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No, I didn’t disappear into the Blogosphere

Posted on: July 28, 2010

I’m here, but it’s been way too long since I felt like posting.  It’s a combination of reasons, let me give the condensed version:

When we got back from Massachusetts, I knew my father was not well.  He had been battling cancer and doing treatments that made him quite ill.  I planned to go to Alabama to visit when G left to go back north.  My brother went to see Dad over Thanksgiving and said he was doing pretty well, was able to eat and was up and about somewhat.   That there was no need to dash right out there.  So it was decided I’d go the following weekend and stay a few days.  The day before I was to leave, I got a call saying to get there ASAP, that he wasn’t doing well at all and may not make it through the night.  So I rented a car (remember I hadn’t driven my truck in months and I wasn’t sure of it) and left with my Google map in hand.  I hadn’t even gotten out of town when I got a call saying he had passed.  I turned around and went to be with my brother.

After that, I was just kinda out of it.  I loved my dad, he was an amazing man.  But we weren’t really close, like “called just to say hi” kind of close.  I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years at this point.  So there is a lot of guilt to deal with.  I wanted to write about him and every time I started, I would just cry.  So I didn’t.  And here we are, seven months later, and I still can’t write about him and his impact on my life.  Maybe soon…I want to share what a good man he was, the things he taught me, the way he had of making everything okay, even when you never thought it would be again.

I started working from home in January, taking customer service calls for a major tax software company, then after tax season, a major home improvement store.  It’s a 15 step commute, I love it!  Right now I am between clients, but will be selecting another to train for soon.

Sewing has consisted of a little here and there, it’s hard to sew when you’re on the phone hours at a time.  I did make a couple of quilts, pretty happy about them.  When I get pics, I’ll put them up so you can see.  I’m working slowly on another that I’m quite pleased with.  I’ve let my Etsy and Artfire stores go, but am slowly retaking pictures of items to restock.  In the meantime, I’ve relisted some stuff and actually added a couple of new things.

G came back from Massachusetts in early March and is now working down south, but comes home every weekend, so it’s not too bad.  We get a lot of riding in on the weekends, but it’s so hot, we wait til later in the day of we can’t get out early.  The American Legion Riders Poker Run on May 8th was great, it was for The Wounded Warrior Project and we donated $19,000 to the Project.  We’ve done a couple of other rides for local folks who fell on hard times and attended a benefit last weekend.  It’s great to see how the biker community comes together to help when needs arise.

I’m gonna try to post more regularly, and am still working on the post about my dad.  It’s good to know that some of you still drop by every now and then, hopefully there will be new stuff to see very soon!


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