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Finally Back Home!!!

Posted on: November 28, 2009

It was beginning to feel like I had moved to Massachusetts, but we are finally home! Left about 9:30 AM last Saturday morning and arrived at our door at 3:38 AM Sunday.  Not too bad of a trip and we made good time.  G did most of the driving and we only stopped for fuel.  I drove through North Carolina and that was it.   When we pulled in front of the house, Renee came out to meet us with a cold beer in each hand.  It’s great to have friends that know exactly the right thing to do!

New England was beautiful and I’ll miss the view of the mountains every day.  But the leaves were gone and all the trees looked like skeletons, so it wasn’t as pretty as before.  Hard to believe that I saw three seasons there-that’s something!  Remember this post with the pictures from the summer and fall?  Well, here’s what it looked like when we left:

Quite a change huh?

I started this post 5 days ago and just now got around to getting the pictures onto the computer. The first few days all I did was work around the house and yard.  A LOT needed to be done.  Then Thanksgiving I spent cooking.  I don’t know who I thought was going to eat a turkey breast, dressing, butternut squash, green bean casserole, turnip greens, mashed potatoes and gravy and an apple pie! It was just me and G. I think it may have something to do with being in my own house, with my own kitchen and my own cookware again.  Maybe not, but it sure was good and I probably won’t cook for a week now!

Been doing a lot of sewing, but haven’t listed a thing in either my Etsy or Artfire shops.  The first night after we got home we went and had a few beers with friends and I got an order for a wallet like mine, but with Gator fabric.  So I made two and brought them to the bartender that ordered one.  One of the Crowley Boys saw it and bought the other one for his daughter and wanted a men’s bifold for himself.  So I figured that out and brought it to him.  Someone else saw it and wanted on too, and a welder’s cap.  Did those and then got another order from another of the Crowley Boys for four hats, a wallet, a girl’s wallet and a backpack.  I’ve got all of it cut, the hats almost done and still need to start the backpack.  Business is good, I have handed out a lot of cards too, so people can see what’s online.  Since I didn’t have an online store when I left, people are pretty excited to see what else I can make.  Now if I can just keep up!

G is leaving to go back at 3am. He’s planning to drive straight through, although he said if he felt tired, he’d stop for a bit. I doubt he will.  He’s not taking a bike with him, so at least there’s no worries with the trailer and all.  We heard the roads going to the hotel were icy last night, so not having the trailer is a good thing.  It’s gonna be hard to get used to sleeping alone again!  I’ve been spoiled being able to wake up with him every day the last few months.  I wish I could go back for so many reasons, but my dad is not well and I expect to be making a trip to Alabama soon to see him.

This post has become longer than I planned, but it’s been a crazy week.  If you get a chance, take a look at my shops on Etsy and Artfire.


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