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Apple Picking in New England

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Last week my buddy Litsa and I went out and about.  She was here for the weekend to visit her husband (who works for the same company as G).  After a visit to the Yankee Candle Village, we went driving around taking pictures of the foliage.  Since we both live in Florida, it was a treat.  We saw a sign for an apple farm where you could pick your own, so we did.  What fun!!  Here’s some of what we saw:


Litsa on the Great Pumpkin

Litsa on the Great Pumpkin



Don’t you think the chipmunk is too cute?  He was just having an afternoon snack when we saw him.  We each picked a half peck of apples and headed back towards the hotel.  Along the way, we saw the biggest milk bottle:


Milk does a body good and all, but that is one huge bottle!!  The farm was just down the hill from the elementary school where we saw the bottle.  We went down in the valley and drove around a bit.  It was beautiful.  The cows were right up at the edge of the road with nothing but a wire to keep them off it.  I’m guessing it was electrified.  They were too busy eating to pose for pictures:


After we picked apples and drove around a while, Litsa wanted to see the dinosaur footprints.  So we went down there.  It sure looked different from the last time I was there-all the leaves have turned along the river.  Here’s what it looked like when I first got here:









Just a couple of months and what a difference!  We don’t have all that color in Florida.  And we don’t have the cold either-it was 31 degrees this morning!  Brrrr!

G was off Sunday and Monday for the Colombus Day holiday.  We went riding with a few friends on Sunday afternoon.  We headed up to Vermont and New Hampshire.  It was so pretty, but I didn’t take any pictures.  It was a bit chilly (about 50 when we left, 40 when we got back) and I had my gloves on so couldn’t work the camera.  I probably would have dropped it on the highway if I had tried.  We stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Keene, NH for a pit stop and I was geting pretty chilly so I put on my chaps and scarf.  Much better on the way back.  I’d like to go back that way before we leave, but I think our riding is about over.  It’s getting cold and wet now and that’s no fun.  Maybe I can talk G into going in the truck so I can take some pics and stop at a few of the little stores we passed.  I’m sure he’ll be off in the next few days since they’re calling for rain.

This morning I shipped out my first Etsy order.  Then I cut out a few things so when I get off work tomorrow I can sew them up.  If you get a chance, check out my shop and let me know what you think.


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