A Little About a Lot of Things

Rant! Just a vent about a lousy experience.

Posted on: September 29, 2009

This past Saturday G had the afternoon off so I had the truck.  YAY!  I happily took my shopping list and fistful of coupons to Joann’s.  I spent about 20 minutes in there, getting what I needed then G called.  He asked me to pick up a few things for him at another store, so I paid for my goodies and left.  When I got to the truck, I noticed glass on the floorboard.  I though “Hmm, we never have glass in the truck” and was hit by a huge gust of wind.  From the other side of the truck!!  Some sorry *** had smashed out the passenger side window and ransacked the truck-front and back seats!  All that was stolen was the GPS unit, but what a mess!  Glass everywhere and stuff strewn about.  I was in the store for 22 minutes!  I know that because I was talking to G when I went in the door and the time stamp on the receipt.  22 minutes for a thief to totally ruin what was looking like a great afternoon.

So I called the police and they came out and did a report.  The officer was very kind, but told me that I should have taken the GPS out of the truck when I went shopping and lectured me like I was a four year old.  I was not a happy camper and told him that if he and his co-workers were doing their job I wouldn’t have to.  That didn’t go over very well with him.  He also told me that he has about 10 calls a week for the same thing-in that same shopping center!  That didn’t make me feel any better.  Again, not being a happy camper I told him that was a real nice way to encourage people to visit his quaint New England town.  That I was going back to Florida where I can leave my GPS right on the dash and a laptop on the seat and a digital camera hanging on the mirror with the windows down and spend all day in the mall without worry.  In a city of nearly a million people.  He wasn’t very happy to be dealing with me at this point.

As he wrote the report, I went over to his car and apologised because I felt bad taking out my anger on him.  He smiled, said he understood and told me he hoped it didn’t spoil my visit to Massachussetts.  Then told me the names of some glass companies that would come out to replace the glass on a weekend without a huge price.  I thanked him, went back into Joann’s and bought some clear vinyl and some tape from the Dollar Store and covered the window.

I called in insurance company to file a claim.  The window was covered, the GPS was not.  Great.  Then I found out that the repair was less than our deductible, so we closed the claim and just called the insurance company’s preferred provider.  As it happened, it was one of the companies the officer had told me about.

At this point I’m thinking that I could get it repaired and still have time to go run a few errands (like mail off Lyla’s quilt).  After calling the glass company, I find out they can’t come until Monday, between 12 and 5.  The guy shows up at 4:30.  Lucky he called first so G just had to come back to the hotel from the jobsite and meet him instead of losing half a day of work.  The glass technician said it would be about half an hour to do the repair.  Great!  Not so much, read on!

I went upstairs for a bit, then went down about 25 minutes later.  He’s putting plastic sticky stuff on the window.  Naturally, that is NOT what I expected.  They sent him with the wrong window!  Now it’s 5:15 and looks like it’s about to rain.  The shop is closed and no one can get back until the next morning. ( That’s today.)  Again, not a happy camper.

G came down and we decided to go out to get something to eat.  We get in the truck and it won’t start.  Not at all.  The lights come on, but that’s it-just click, click, click.  The technician had left the key on while he was cleaning up the glass and drained both batteries.  (Yep, it just keeps getting better.)  So we wait downstairs for one of G’s workers who also has a diesel truck to jump start it.  This happens to be the night he decides not to come straight back to the hotel after work.  After waiting for about an hour and smoking half a pack of cigarettes, we went next door and had a few beers and dinner, then went to bed.  At 5 this morning, G was downstairs with one of his crew trying to get the truck started.  What a joyous start to the day!  And just now as I am writing, the glass company calls and says it will be between noon and 5 again today when they come out.  So it’s just wait for their call to let G know so he can leave work and meet them again.  I sure hope they have the right glass this time!

I’m ready to go home.  If I can find my way.


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