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Posted on: September 7, 2009

I’ve been working a couple of days a week, so haven’t been sewing too much this week.  I made a triangle side bag based on one I saw on Craftster, and a wallet to match.  I used some fabric I picked up at Joann’s.  I’ve had a lot of compliments on it and have sold two wallets and one similar bag to a bartender at the restaurant next door to our hotel.  Here’s the one I still have:


Edited on 9-16-09: Here’s the link on Craftster-I just found it again this morning!  Cosmetic Bag by jloveg


You probably recognize the wallet as a variation of the Sweet Young Girl’s Wallet from Heart of Mary.  I didn’t need all the card holders, so I made a flap pocket at the top to put my ID and debit card in.  I used velcro to close it since snaps don’t work so well for me.  I like it because the wristlet is big enough for my cell phone, the matching wallet, a pack of cigarettes and a few small things.  There’s a pocket inside and a key leash.  Since it is fairly small, I almost left out the key leash, but am glad I didn’t.  Because of it’s small size, it’s hard to find anything-you have to take it all out to get something on the bottom!

Since G was off Saturday, Sunday and today, we’ve been out riding.  We went out for a couple hours Saturday when I got off work, but yesterday we spent most of the day on the bike.  I wish I had taken pictures, it was so beautiful up in the mountains.  But I still get really nervous on those twisty, turny roads, especially going downhill.  So mostly I just try to look at the scenery and not at the road ahead.  I am getting better though, I only got really nervous once when we came to the crest of a hill and it was really steep going down with a sharp turn at the bottom.  We rode with one of the cops that do traffic control on G’s bridge and he knows all the roads up here.  We went to a little restaurant for lunch and look what we saw when we parked:


That’s Spike, a well travelled Jack Russell.  We talked to his owners for a bit and they showed up how the bag is set up.  Spike has a harness on and inside the carrier there are snap hooks to keep him from jumping out.  The end unzips to unhook him so he can go have lunch or take a walk of whaever.  He’s a very mellow dog and his “mom and dad” were great.  They don’t take him on long trips in the carrier, but he rides in their truck all the time and has been to more states than I have!!

Today I worked until noon, then G and I just hung out for a few hours.  It’s so nice for him to have a a couple days off-he’s been working 7 days a week for quite a while.  We went an a short ride and stopped at a diner for a bite to eat since The Delaney House was closed today.  Then just came back to the hotel and hung out on the patio for a while.  He’s been really tired (13-14 hours a day for 19 days in a row will do that to you!) and was happy to just relax and ride this weekend.  Gotta say, it’s nice to have him around for a while.

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