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I have a new sewing machine!

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Hooray-I am finally able to start sewing again! Yesterday I had to take G’s truck in for wheel bearings and had it all day. I stopped at a Big Lots and look what I found-a new sewing machine!
brother LS-2125i

It’s nothing fancy, but the price was right-under $50!  To ship and insure my New Home would have been way more because of the insurance, so this is better.  I really don’t need another machine, but it made more sense to buy this than take the chance on something happening to my other one, as well as less expensive.  I really don’t need all the fancy stuff for what I will be doing up here.  When I get home, I’m going to give it to my daughter.  She learned to sew when she was about 8 or 9, but really didn’t take to it.  A few months ago she was talking about buying one to do small stuff for her house, but never did.  So I asked her if she’d want this one, and she said yes.  I figured she would but if she didn’t, I would have either donated it or listed it on Craigslist.

Since I had the truck for the afternoon, I also did some shopping.  My GPS said there was a Hancock’s Fabric near the dealership, so I went there.  I was there, it wasn’t.  A clerk in another store said it closed a while ago.   Then I put in the address for Osgood’s, a place some one at our hotel told me about.  After driving in circles, I finally gave up.  It kept reclculating and taking me back to the same intersections I just went through.  So I headed back to where I know my way around.  I stopped at Joann’s and picked up some thread, pins, an okay pair of shears  (I’ll have mine soon enough, but I needed something!) and a few pieces of fabric.  Then I went to a couple of thrift shops and found a few things:

thriftythrifty 2

The top photo is a curtain panel on the left and flat sheet on the right.  I’m planning on making Fold and Zip Totes with the sheet and regular plastic grocery store style with the curtain panel since I already have the lining.  The next picture is of two pillow shams of mircosuede.  They’re a beautiful coffee-with-cream color.  They measure about 2 1/2-feet square.  I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with them yet, but whatever it ends up being, I want to show off the topstitching.  Any suggestions?  All this neat stuff was only $2!  I love thrifting!


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