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Posted on: July 22, 2009

The other day I went to see some dinosaur footprints.  About 2 miles from the hotel is a place where over 120 dinosaur footprints were found while doing road work on Route 5.  It’s pretty neat-huge slabs of rock with lots of prints.  Here’s a couple:Mass2 037

Here’s one that would have been a little harder to see, except for the chalk outline:

Mass2 036

The signs at the site told what type of dinosaurs made these, but I didn’t take a picture of the sign and have since forgotten.  Anyhow, there were three types identified and it was determined that they traveled in groups.

Mass2 048

Just down the path from the dinosaur footprints is the Connecticut River.  It was pretty where I was-very different from Florida.  With all those rock slabs, there would have been gators all over, just laying in the sun.

Mass2 040

I’ve seen a lot of boats and jet skis out on the weekends.  There are a lot of kayaks and canoes too.

So that’s my exciting life.


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