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I’m in the mountains of Massachusetts!

Posted on: July 15, 2009

I’ve been in Massachusetts for a week now and it is beautiful!  For people who live here, it’s probably no big deal, but for a gal from Florida, it is unbelievable.  The mountains are gorgeous, the people are friendly and I am enjoying the weather tremendously.  Sunday we took the bike out for a nice ride.  We left about noon and got back around 6:30.  We stopped to have ice cream at a quaint little country store in Huntington, visited G’s jobsite (a bridge built in 1936) and just enjoyed riding on something other than flat Florida.  It was a little cool, but very comfortable, although it was down in the 50’s the last night or two.  In July.  Here’s the church at the end of G’s bridge-isn’t it great?  I took it from the middle of the bridge so you can’t see all the details, but it is gorgeous.

Huntington 1

I haven’t been out and about much since G has the truck at work most of the time.  Yesterday he came home mid-morning and took the bike so I could go out for a while.  I had to get fuel in the truck, light bulbs for the turn signals on the bike, a few things at the store and went to Webs, America’s yarn store.  I’ve been hearing about it for years and years, and yesterday spent about two hours there petting the yarns.  I bought a 50/50 cotton/superwash wool blend to make some socks.  I figured that I’m here all day with no sewing machine, so I would knit.  Soon as my camera charges, I’ll post pictures.  Depending on how the socks turn out, maybe pics of them too.  The people were very nice and incredibly helpful.  I will be going back to stock up before I go back home!


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