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Penguin Backpack

Posted on: July 3, 2009

Finally!  Here are the pics of Robin’s backpack.  After getting back from south Florida, everything was a mess what with the doctors and all.  Then G had to go to Massachusetts for a bridge repair job.  So he drove straight through and finally got there 18 hours later.  Of course, I didn’t sleep much while he was on the road, I kept worrying about him.  Even though his doc checked him out thoroughly, gave him a clean bill of health and an okay to go, I worry.  Some men are so stubborn and they don’t take care of them selves.  He’s one of them.  But he made it, got to the hotel and got some rest.  He’s on his way back now and we’re both going back on Monday.  I’ll be gone for about 2 months, so probably won’t be posting too much while I’m there.  It’s a little hard to be creative in a hotel room, even if it is a nice big suite.

So the backpack came out really cute, Robin loves it.  As mentioned, she’s been going through a really rough time and it cheered her up.  I also made her a hat to match since she loved G’s, but forgot to take pics of it.  BTW, G’s hat is POW/MIA, not penguins!!!


You can see on the bottom two pics where I put a key leash and a zipper pocket.  After carrying my Skulls and Roses for a while, I realized that it holds a lot and it’s hard to find things like keys when they fall all the way to the bottom.  I need to make one for Renee’ before I go, I found some really great Supergirl fabric (her truck is all Supergirl, the front tag, trailer hitch cover, floor mats, steering wheel cover, etc.).  It’s gonna be hard to do whithout her seeing it though since she moved in over the last week.  (She’s gonna take care of the kitties and the house while we’re gone.  I couldn’t board them for that long, they would think I abandoned them!)  Maybe when she’s at work…

I’m thinking about taking my portable machine with me, along with my good shears, and a few pre-cut projects.  The only problem is that it’s a hotel suite.  Like a studio apartment, not much storage.  G hates clutter, so I can’t just set stuff up and leave it like I do here at home.  Thinking about putting it all in a large plastic tub and stashing it in the bike trailer, that way I could just take out what I need and put it back.  He sent me pics of the room and the bed is really high, so maybe one of those flat boxes that are designed to slide under the bed would work.  I just have to figure out what to do with the machine when he gets in and needs the table for work.  I’ve already packed the afghan that I started last winter, I figure granny squares are easy to do while we’re on the road.

G just texted that he’s in South Carolina, so only a few hours out.  I gotta get something in the crockpot for dinner and straighten the house before he gets in.  I’ll post when I get to Massachusetts with some pics of the area.  I haven’t been north since the 70’s and have never been to that part of the state.  From the pics G sent, it’s beautiful.  Also let you know what I decided to do about the machine.


2 Responses to "Penguin Backpack"

Do you make covers for the Miche Bag. Or do you have a pattern for one?
Connie Streich

Sorry Connie, I don’t. If I come across one, I’ll let you know! Have you looked on etsy.com? There are some really creative people there and one of them might have them.

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