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Another one

Posted on: May 13, 2009

I liked the City Backpack so much, I made another.  It’s the last of the Skullduggery fabric I have.  I like it a lot, but this one is going to my friend Lynn.  She has wanted my purse ever since I started carrying it and I won’t give it to her.  So I emailed her the pic and she wants this one.  Since she’s an awesome tattoo artist, we’re gonna just trade.  G wants some work done, so it works for both of us.  I tried a wallet out of the black to go with it, but I’m not too happy with the bulkiness of it.  I may re-do it and tuck it in the backpack before I give it to Lynn.


I didn’t have a zipper for a pocket inside, but did shorten the carry handle about an inch.  Since I only had a small amount of fabric left, I couldn’t match the pattern too well, but it still looks pretty good.  I used a medium weight interfacing on this one since the fabric was a home dec weight.  It’s pretty stiff, but not like cardboard.  ( I did use a heavyweight fusible for the bottoms though.)  Another thing I did is coat the fabric liberally with Scotchguard before cutting it.  Since it’s white, I figured that would help keep it from getting too stained.    Again, the drawstring cord instead of fabric and buckles that were recycled from an older bag.  Another didn’t-have-to-buy-a-thing project.  Yay me!

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2 Responses to "Another one"

Mom – you’re so talented! :o)

That was supposed to be a smiley face, not a surprise face 🙂

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