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Wardrobe Refashion

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend R making some changes to her work wardrobe. She had a tux shirt that she wanted the sleeves taken off and turned into a halter and a corset that she wanted to take the cup shaping off and make a waist cincher.  Of course, I forgot to take before pictures and had to promise not to show her face in the after picture.  She’s very self conscious about dressing like this, it’s just for work.

RworkI think it came out really cute.  She’ll wear black shorts instead of denim to work.  And yes, the laces of the corset are supposed to be in the back, but they look better in the front.  The actual front is just a row of hooks and eyes.  There’s a little embroidery around the bottom that looks a lot like the lace on her bra.  It was a fun afternoon.  She’s got a few other ideas in mind for another day-can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

After doing that, I looked at a bag of clothes that are way too big to wear anymore and started thinking-how can I reuse that to make something I can use now?  I’m talking some of these clothes being 8 sizes too big (I lost 110 pounds on Weight Watchers a few years ago and these are some of my absolute favorite clothes I couldn’t part with.)  So today I may just pull out a couple and see what I can do.  I’ll keep you posted!


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