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Pictures as Promised

Posted on: May 3, 2009

Today I spent a bit of time sewing.  I finished the black pleated purse I mentioned yesterday.  I found the pattern at My Spare Time.  It was really easy to do once the cutting was done!  I tried just marking the fabric, then cutting with a rotary cutter, but found that making pattern pieces of freezer paper worked better for me.  I used a really nice weight embroidered twill I found a while ago at JoAnn’s.  The lining is something from the stash, it sorta looks like the embroidery on the outer fabric.  I interlined the whole thing with a soft flannel I found on the remnant table at a home decor fabric store.  I am so happy with using it, I’m going back to get more.  It really added a lot of body without the weight and stiffness of interfacing.  There are double pockets on both front and back inside.  Sorry about the lousy picture, it fell as I took it!



After that, I worked on the “club purse” that R wants.  The one I made in scrap yesterday is a little different, but I’m pretty happy with this version.  I still need to find a strap, I don’t have enough fabric to make a matching one.  I’m thinking a thin leather one that I’ll sew in the sides where the zipper attaches.



The front has a zipper pocket, the back is a patch pocket.  The pocket design matches up pretty well, except for the gusset.  It measures about 6 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches high.  The gusset is about an inch.  I’m gonna show it to her tonight and see if that’s what she had in mind before I add a strap.  If it isn’t what she wants, I’m gonna use this as a little bag for makeup and stuff in my purse.  If it is, I’m still gonna make myself one, but it will be white as that is all I have left of this fabric.


Amanda, I am so proud of you-I knew you could do it!!!!




1 Response to "Pictures as Promised"

This came out fantastic! But I am so impressed by your zipper pouch – it is so awesome!

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