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It’s been a rough week…..

Posted on: May 2, 2009

After the bike show, I’m always wiped out.  This week has been no different in that respect, but there’s other stuff going on as well.  My friend T-Bone had an equipment malfunction and wrecked his bike going home after the show (he won first place in Custom Evo with his bike) and is in ICU in an induced coma.  He has Level 4 concussion and it’s still pretty iffy.  Please, as you say your prayers, add T-Bone and his family to them.  He’s a great guy who is always the first to help out anyone who is having a hard time.



Then last night, my good friend’s son was hit on his bike and is in the same hospital.  He’s okay though, no concussion, no core body damage, a possible broken ankle. He’s got a lot of road rash, but will probably be home tomorrow or the next day.  Thankfully, they were both wearing helmets!! (We live in a state where they are optional with proper insurance for riders over 21.  And yes, I DO wear mine!)

Okay, enough with the personal stuff, I’ve actually been sewing!  Today I made a pattern for what my friend R calls a “club purse”.  It’s small, big enough to hold a pack of smokes, cell phone, some money, ID and a lipstick.  It’s got an across the body strap and three zippered pockets.  I tested it in scrap today.  Tomorrow I will do it up in something that can actually be shown in public!  R is a bartender at a very popular club here and sees a lot of different purses and bags and is always trying to describe them so I can make them for her.

I’m almost done with another purse, black embroidered twill with printed lining.  I really like my Skullduggery purse, so I don’t know how much use this one will get, but we’ll see!  I have nothing planned tomorrow so I should be able to finish it and post some pictures.

Again, please keep T-Bone and his family and my friend’s son in your prayers.

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