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Something New to Sew

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Yesterday I sewed a pattern from Claire for a Doo Rag.  A few friends we ride with asked about them,  but I never found a pattern for one that was what I wanted.  I have one that G got for me at one bike show that is what I was looking for.   I like it because it has darts at the back of the head so there’s not as much bulk under the knot.  Claire had a pattern for one like mine, so today I tried it.  Here’s the first one:



The first one took a little while, but the second went together fairly quick.  I’ve got another green cammo cut and have one in stripes for me.   And don’t you just love my model?  It was either borrow that from my neighbor or try to tie it on the cat.  The cat won,  so you get to see this instead.  But believe me, the cats are much cuter!  Maybe if I scale it down and make ear holes on the top seams…….


1 Response to "Something New to Sew"

Wow – these came out great….glad you liked them….hope the instructions were understandable (is that a word?) If not – would love comments on how to make them better – am always looking for ways to make it easier and better!!! I’m thrilled that you found them and that they are what you want!

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