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Mad as a hatter

Posted on: April 1, 2009

Just a quick post to prove that I didn’t forget I have a blog!  This past week I’ve been making hats-lots of them.  It started when I made one for my friend Joe (see this post).  Well, he loved the hat, as did Donnie, who promptly took it.  So I made Joe another, and another one for Donnie.  They wore them at work, and one of their co-workers wanted one…can you see where this is going?  Yep, I’ve been making hats and they’ve been buying them just as fast.  I’ve even gotten custom orders!  Here’s a pic of a few that I’ve done, I will take better ones soon.  (Yeah, just like the last fabric pics, right?  I haven’t forgotten-I’ll get to it!)


Although these are based on a welder’s cap, they have a shorter crown.  The Crowley guys aren’t welders, but like them because they fit well under their hard hats.  I don’t know what to charge for them.  I can make one in about 15 minutes and can get 4 hats per yard of fabric.  The guys have been giving me $15 for them.  I think that’s a little much though, what do you think?

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1 Response to "Mad as a hatter"

Would you make a hat for me? I bought a very similar hat a couple of years ago at Urban Outfitters here in Austin Texas and truely love it. Only thing is…it’s wearing out and UO doesnt carry them any more. I have been looking hi and low until I came across this post while searching for a hat. Anyway…if you email me back I’ll send you a pic of my hat…I would pay $15!

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