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It’s Kat’s Birthday!!!

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Today is my friend Kat’s 35th birthday!  She’s having a party at Wild Bill’s, where she tends bar and G and I hang out.  It’s called the Ram Jam Blowout and we’re celebrating all the Aries’ birthdays together.  There’s a lot of us-Kat, me, Carlos, Donnie, Bobby Jack, Ponder, Times Union Mike, Harold and probably a few I forgot.  I’m making shrimp tarts and a few other finger foods, a lot of people are bringing other stuff.  It should be a great time-it always is at Bill’s!  Anyway, here’s what I made for my buddy:

Kat's Birthday Bouquet

I saw a Halloween candy bouquet here and used it as a guide.  I’ve never done any flower arranging, (or anything like it for that  matter!) but I think it came out cute.  There are a few fridgie magnets tucked in that I found at the flea market Saturday (more about that in a minute!).  They say “Celebrate”, “Bee Happy” (with a bee of course), “Have a Happy Day” and “Friends”.  I’ve got to pick up her balloons and I’ll tie them around the neck of the jar.  I also made her a makeup bag, and filled it with the candy I didn’t use in the bouquet.  I used Nicole Mallalieu’s Pyramid Purse pattern, only bigger.  I’ve been wanting to try it, but certainly don’t need another bag so it was a good reason to try one.  I put the zipper in upside down, but I don’t think Kat will care.  Here’s a pic

Pyramid BagFilled with candy

Saturday and Sunday I went flea marketing.  One close to home, the other across town.  I found a few neat things, Kat’s magnets being one, and an old sleeve board.  It was well used and had the metal locking bracket between the boards.  I got it for $4!  So of course I recovered it, the pads were yukky and rather fragrant.  I need to take pics of it finished, but have been lazy.  And I have been using it!  Here it is as found:

sleeve board

I also got a bit of new fabric.  I still need to serge the cut edges and wash it, then I’ll post pictures.   Some I bought from the lady I met last time at Pecan Park and bought from, the rest I got at the Ramona Flea market across town.  There’s a really nice guy that has all kinds of home dec fabrics for only $1 a yard, cut pieces are only 50 cents a yard!  Chance are good that I’ll go back again soon.

So now I’m off to the kitchen to bake the shrimp tarts, cocktail meatballs and who knows what else for the party.  Tomorrow I’ll wash and iron the new fabrics and post pics.  Well, maybe Friday I’ll post pics, G is going to be home for the night tomorrow (YAY!), so I really need to clean up my sewing stuff that’s all over the dining room!


2 Responses to "It’s Kat’s Birthday!!!"

Hi! BFF to Lola, just curious who Shasta Baby is? :O) I just never hear that name.

Shastababy is my dog, her pic is on the Shastababy page. I’m sorry to read about your Vladimir, I can’t imagine how it must feel.
Thanks for stopping by!

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