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Stash Enhancement

Posted on: March 8, 2009

Today I was at the flea market and scored a great deal on some fabric.  Normally, I could have walked away, but because of Rae, I kept seeing Buttercup Bags in much of the fabrics a lady had.  So I contained myself somewhat, and only bought a few things.  This is what I got for $16:


The top left is really a dark purple (think eggplant) but it looks more like navy (it matches the stripes in the fabric next to it).  The red and blue are baby wale corduroy and the right side is all cottons.  There’s two and a half yards of the cords and the others are at least a yard each.  Can you see the bags just waiting to be sewn?  (Except the bottom one, it’s gonna be a hat for my friend Joe.)  This afternoon, I serged the raw edges and washed them all so they’re ready to use.  So tomorrow, I will probably cut them out and start sewing.  I’m thinking of making one a little bigger than the last one, I have a hard time fitting all my stuff in it!  Or maybe I should clean out my purse?   Nah!

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[…] week I’ve been making hats-lots of them.  It started when I made one for my friend Joe (see this post).  Well, he loved the hat, as did Donnie, who promptly took it.  So I made Joe another, and […]

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