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Cutest bag ever!

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Last night, while browsing the web I came across the cutest bag ever! It was from Made By Rae and it’s called the Buttercup Bag. I knew I had to make it and immediately started thinking about what the perfect fabric would be. Well, after going through my (minimal) stash, I decided that nothing I had would do justice to this bag. So off I went to run errands (all an excuse to hit the local fabric department) and I came across these placemats in Big Lots (for only a dollar!) when I went to get a couple of picture frames.

These are the bargin store placemats

These are the bargin store placemats

They’re a beautiful shade of turquoise synthetic suede. I cut off the sewn edges so I didn’t have to deal with the creases and ended up with 3 interfaced pieces and 3 un-interfaced pieces 12 x 17 inches. I had about a fat quarter of colorful cotton that was enough for the lining.  I cut everything out, followed Rae’s tutorial and finished in a couple of hours.  (It may have taken less if I hadn’t had to step over two very fat cats every time I went from the sewing machine to the ironing board!)  It was really easy to make,  Rae did an awesome job explaining how to do it and the files are thorough, so I won’t try to explain it here.  I made it a little deeper, the strap a little longer and put a zippered pocket inside, but other than that, it’s the way she wrote it.  Here’s pictures of the finished bag.

The finished Buttercup Bag

The finished Buttercup Bag

Here's the inside zip pocket

Here's the inside zip pocket

Here's the pocket opened

Here's the pocket opened

I used the interfaced pieces for the purse and strap and have the 3 un-interfaced pieces left.  I’m thinking I might have to make a matching wallet or something.

I can’t wait to get out and about so I can show it off!


3 Responses to "Cutest bag ever!"

AWESOME! Thanks for posting this and letting me know! It’s so much fun to see how it turned out and to see the changes you’ve made…nicely done!

I also really appreciate the “recipes” for cleaning products you’ve provided below! I also try to avoid the hard-core stuff and use natural whenever possible; great to see you doing the same and thanks for sharing those!

I just put together a flickr pool for the Buttercup Bags:


I would love it if you have a couple minutes to add your pictures to the pool — I’ll put it up on my blog tomorrow or so, so make sure to put your blog address on your pictures so people can find your blog!

Happy Sewing! Thanks again for sending me your link!

I posted a couple of pics to the group just now. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it wherever I go. I’m working on another, will post when I’m done.

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