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Cleaning stuff without too many chemicals

Posted on: November 20, 2008

I’m not a big fan of chemicals and try to avoid them.  Here’s a few ways I keep my house sanitary, clean and smelling good using stuff you probably already have in the kitchen.

All Purpose Cleaner-Mix 1/2 part baking soda, water and 1 part vinegar.  Dissolve baking soda in water.  Add vinegar (it will fizz-a LOT.  Do it in the sink!)  Add a little more water-to the neck of a spray bottle is good, but no further.  Let sit a while (or overnight), the baking soda may settle a little bit.  Flip upside down (it will probably fizz again!) and when it no longer fizzes, start cleaning.  I usually have 1 cup as my “part” and it fills those spray bottles you get 2 for $1 at the dollar store.  If you need degreasing as well, you can add a little dish detergent after the fizz is gone.  I also refill the bottle of my Swiffer Wet Jet with this and it works well.

Laundry Whitener-I can’t deal with the smell of bleach, so don’t usually use it.  I can’t stand dingy whites either.  Here’s what I do: Start washer with HOT water wash.  Let it fill and add 1 part hydrogen peroxide and one part baking soda.  Let the cycle start so it mixes well, then add laundry.  Let finish as usual.  If whites are particularly dingy, you can agitate it and then let them soak for a while.

Fabric softener-Use white vinegar as you would Downey or any other brand.  No smell at all and no static.  Plus it helps rid the fabric of any detergent and helps clothes from getting dingy and faded as fast.

Tile cleaner-Make a paste of baking soda and enough water to get it like peanut butter.  Use an old rag to wipe and gently scrub the tiles.  It works better on dry tile.   Rinse well or do it right before showering so two birds down with one stone.

Cleanser (like Comet or Ajax without chlorine)-Mix equal parts baking soda and salt.  Scrub as usual and rinse well.

There’s more that I will get around to posting, I can’t think of them right now.


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