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Posted on: October 11, 2008

DBF was home last weekend so I was able to take some pictures of the quilts.  Looking at them in the pictures, they don’t seem as nice as when I stand across the room.  Maybe it’s because I can see flaws in the pics that I can’t when they’re on the wall.  Overall though, not to bad for first attempts.  Here’s the wall hanging

Cat in the window

And here’s the small quilt

You can see how the blue sills don’t line up perfectly, but it’s not real bad from a distance.  The ribbons are grosgrain that I sewed on after the quilting was finished.

This weekend’s project is to start quilting Megan’s quilt and hopefully finish it.  It was a thought to hand quilt it since it’s a baby quilt, but since Baby Teagan will be here on the 20th (or sooner) I’m thinking machine quilting would be better.  Faster anyway, especially since it has to be sent and will probably take a few days to get there.


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